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Coaching Venues

Choosing a venue to deliver our cricket coaching is vital to the learning experience. Especially because we want our young attendees to leave with a good understanding of the coaching delivered and feeling inspired to take their learning forward.

So what do Century Cricket look for in choosing a venue and why?

1) Pick a training venue that is suitable for all our participants

It sounds obvious. But before booking any venue, we need to know what type of person will be attending the coaching session. Is there good public transport links? If arriving by car, does the venue offer adequate parking? Is parking free or is it in an area with high parking charges or limited parking times? Is there step-free access for anyone with mobility needs?

And then there are other practicalities to consider, such as: Does the venue have clean, well equipped, accessible toilet facilities? Is there a break-out space so our young participants can take a break for a drink?

We have a wide range of participants of various ages. So, we look for a versatile venue that is suitable for all. If we have a venue in mind, we always ask ourselves, “Can we foresee any issues for our young participants?”


2) Pick a training venue to impress, engage and inspire our participants

Century Cricket want our participants to learn, to be inspired and energised. To go out and apply the wisdom they learn from our sessions. We look for a venue that will help to drive that forward.

Choosing a venue that already has a good reputation for providing an inspirational environment for learning and growth can also make a huge difference to our coaches and participants.


3) Is the venue a Covid friendly environment?

In the current climate, Century Cricket are taking great steps to ensure all our venues are Covid friendly. We look for venues that have taken the necessary steps to follow Government guidelines to ensure a risk-free environment where all our participants and our coaches can engage in sessions in a responsible way within a protected environment.

Century Cricket follow the ECB Guidelines with respect to choosing a suitable venue and ensuring safe delivery of our coaching. The ECB guidelines that we follow can be seen here https://www.ecb.co.uk/news/1834743/covid-19-guidance-for-cricket-indoors

In addition, we conduct our own Risk Assessments and always carry out an additional Risk Assessment of the venue prior to the start of a session. This enables our coaches to ensure that all participants are entering a risk-free environment and they (and their parents/guardians) can feel that they are safe during our sessions. Social distancing is maintained during the sessions and we always take a temperature check of each participant on entry. All our equipment is wiped down with an anti-bacterial wipes prior to and after all our sessions.


All of our current venues that we use (Bulkington Community Centre, Stockingford Community Centre and Nicholas Chamberlaine School) have all passed the Century Cricket Venue Test and you can rest assured that any future venues will follow the same guidelines that we have set as the minimum standard.

If you have any venues in mind that have the high standards that we demand at Century Cricket and you would like us to run session at, then please contact us at [email protected] and let us know. We are always pleased to partner with local communities and spread the fun of cricket to everyone.

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