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Expert coaching at your club

Do you want a helping hand at your club? Do your winter nets lack a purpose? And do you hate bowling in a net for 2 hours and wish there was a better solution? If you answer yes to any of these then our expert Club Coaching programmes are definitely for you!

Contact us now at [email protected] to discuss your clubs requirements.

Cricket Coaching

Expert Coaching

We can send our expert coaches to your club to work with your senior and junior sections. We will make your training more professional and purposeful with clear results.

Our Head Coach is an ECB Advanced Coach and Tutor and can help develop your clubs players and coaches.

Improve all levels

We will work with you to put in place and deliver a high quality programme of coaching designed to improve teams and players at all levels throughout your club.

Our expert coach will deliver a programme designed to help all your players develop.


Outcomes based coaching

We work with you to understand what areas of your game you want to improve, identify what outcomes will achieve those goals and tailor our Club coaching to deliver just that.

We will ensure every session has a purpose and we ensure all your players will benefit from our all round approach by keeping activity high at every session.

Summer and winter programmes

We will put together a summer or winter coaching plan depending on your needs where we will help get your club ready for the season and make sure you stay well prepared during it!

Our winter programme will take you through 8/10 or 12 week programmes designed to get your club ready for the season.

During the summer we can ease the pressure on your current coaches by running your senior or junior sessions to ensure the sessions remain a high quality throughout the season.

Want to book a Club coaching session? Send us a message via our contact form and we will be in touch to arrange some sessions.

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